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[18 Nov 2004|10:31pm]
say bye bye to this journal, and go to my new one... gosh_idiot

add me please!:)
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[14 Nov 2004|09:00pm]

lose a friend

get back a friend


drama again

lose a friend forever...


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[10 Nov 2004|07:55pm]
all A's and B.... bitch
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my icon is too sexxy for my shirt. to sexxy for my jeans. o too sexxy. [08 Nov 2004|09:22pm]
hola amigos!
i would like to start off with a thank you to the ever lovely kat for making me icon my fave pic... thanks... props to you katherine. :)
so tonite i went to roni's and made r video project which is soo stupid, nothing can compare to our theater history video... unforunately SANDS lost it. so sad. so truly sad. so thats my night, and since i didnt show up to dance mrs. kelly is taking off my paycheck for when i taught her classes last week, when she was outta town..?? neways saturday night was mucho fun, my mom bought cc and i and marissa-not alvarez- smirnoff :) . sunday i saw dames, which was excellent, corey is amazing! thats really all i have to say. everyone did awesome though, but i LOVED corey. on a diff. note im really freaking myself out about this licsense deal, i'm so eager to get it, i have no idea why... it just started too... maybe its b/c i hate my illegal-immigrant-has no green card-strong accent but can speak PERFECT english without an accent-petyfile busdriver... that cud answer it...today i had to ask roni how to say "put on the air" in spanish b/c he pretended to not understand us... wat a hole, i really hope the parents report him b/c my mom already did. nehow i think i might go to amandas on friday, but i have nooo idea... i love her though, she is the only reason y i keep teaching at kelly's, b/c kelly has way to much pms days out of the month... ok well i guess im done for now...
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[03 Nov 2004|07:39pm]
there is really nothing to write... my life is boring im sry i cant entertain u right now.
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oklahoma! [21 Oct 2004|08:34pm]
last weekend i went to connecticut, nothing really new there, just cold and its fun to drive there...no matt...

so i have a C in math but im not telling my mom cuz she'll freak, i have to find a way to bring it up or i will die and be grounded for EVER! on wednesday i went to cc's powderpuff game, it was really funny to c her play football, even though i didnt c her at all and i was totally distracted by the male cheerleaders, it was the funniest thing in my life! i saw people that i wanted to see and others that i didnt , lets just put it that way... we went to teh alehouse afterwards and all the HOTT senior guys were there that were at the game. and this extremely hott kid said "hi" to us and we were all shy...haha it was a fun change from our school... today i went to the "Oklahoma" workshop, and it was sooo fun. we danced with the leads! AHH i was soo excited, im going on saturday, and Julie, who plays Laurie, and Daniel, who plays Will Parker, said we could go back after the show and visit them, im soo ecstatic to see it!!

Sims was really upset today over something with his wife. i dont kno it looked like he was crying after we came back frm publix... im goin to get hima get well card for his wife... I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THAT MAN! we had lunch with him today, he makes me feel so comfortable, finally it feels like msoa again:)

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[07 Oct 2004|08:08pm]
Long Friends Survey

Created by lovekills and taken 579 times on bzoink!

Smartest kat
Dumbest christina
Funniest roni and liz TOM
Most Boring ?
Most Popular uhh jen or lauren ?
Quiestest nikki
Loudest caitlin or liz
Laid Back emily jane
Outgoing liz
Sweetest britany, nikki, emily jane
Evilest michelle
Prettiest every single one of them!, although britany and cc r really hott...haha
Ugliest umm that would b awarded to me..
Best Parents britany and lauren
Worst Parents ?
Best Dressed BRITANY...haha<3
Worst Dressed ummm...??
Biggest Pothead no names..:)
Prep katie
Goth me...
Punk caitlin..?
Geek britany:)
Most Annoying ...freshman....
Most Loveable todos los amigos...?
Sexiest duh! wow, kat and emily jane
Hotest bruce jr.
Loves Money KATIE
Most Depressed MORGAN
Wants a Cow i have liz and liz has me so thats all we need...
Knows everything about you christina and britany
Wants to know everything about you umm assface.. lol em jane!
Has the most siblings liz gotta love them!
Best Eyes kat!
Best Smile britany
Follows You cc and bb but i follow them 2...
You Follow cc and bb...
Ignores you hmmm....
Lies mr sands
Honest britany and cc
Most Kinky britany! and me...haha
Most Self Centered hmmm
Most Giving not katie!
Most Caring kat emily jane nikki... cc & bb
Richest lauren...
Poorest both liz and i live in the ghetto
Biggest Ego uhh me... geez...
Smallest Ego kat
Smallest House that goes to me...
Biggest House roni and lauren
Lowest Self Esteem ...
Most Confidence kat
Flirtiest me emily thinks tghat mike and i flirt...eww
Hits on your Girlfriend/Boyfriend i wud put down a name if one of my friends were like that, or if i even had a boyfriend, but we all no thats not going to happen...
Watches cartoons kelsey
Most Hated prolly louis...
Most Loved emily jane
Hates People wow... uhh
Would go goth cc
Most Obessive britany
Corniest cc
Tallest kat and cc
Shortest me and brit
Nicest nikki emily jane
Meanest ...
Deepest [thinker] jen
Best for Advice em jane
Worst for Advice cc haha
One you'd date emily thinks mike, i think not!
One you'd screw BRUCE F-ING JR.
Known the longest kelsey, marisa, bb , cc
Met most recently not really met but got to know morgan
Worst Taste in Music scott
Best Taste in Music britany
Worst taste in Clothes my mom
One you couldn't live without all of them b & c!<3
One you could do without uhh none
Clumsiest kat and lizzie mcguire
Most Prude britany, me, and em jane
Most Perfect emily
Most Slutty me...
The Badass em jane, no doubt
Best Personality kat
Worst Personality
Most Talented o god everyone
Would Die for every speck of my friends
Would Let Die haha avril lavign
Can always suprise you liz
Most Mysterious uhhh
Gives you the Lamest Gifts mom?
Seeks Attention
Most Guts liz or caitlin
Want to be Closer With jen
Starts Arguments hehe... no comment
Solves Them kat em jane
Goes to You for Advice bb
Bitchiest ...
Most Femenine britany
Most Masculine michelle...lol
Blondest CC
Most Creative kat
Most Musical me and emily jane PAINT, the musical
The Pimp o liz
The Whore me
Hurts you the Most none said
Loves you the Most ...jesus...
Best Student jacob
Worst Student liz
Would Like to Take it to the Next Level With liz..haha
Most Annoying ...
Drama Queen oo krista...
Most Immature omg i cant say!
Most Mature jen
Most Talkative liz pj
Most Athletic michelle britany
Most Snobby huh?
Most Original
Would Change for You
You've Kissed none
You want to Kiss bruce jr....
Can Trust with Deepest Secrets britany and christina.. mayb not she tells her sis
Can always Cheer you Up food or emily jane or bb
Can Always Bring you Down mom?
One you love the Most bruce jr.
Gayest One o ** how i love u
Nicest Hair BRITANY
Crys the Most me
Eats the Most me!
Homophobic umm not that i kno of
Best Body bruce jr.
Most Likely to Get Drunk and Bang Someone me bb and cc, ria
One who can Party the Most o geez ria and lauren and jen
Best Listener emily jane and of course bb and cc
Unique tom
Motivated kat
Innocent bb and em jane
Spoiled liz... britany
Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!
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hurricanes... [30 Sep 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | excited ]

so no school this wonderful week during this wonderful week of nothing... i had to watch trent the whole time, which is such a pleasure... he is driving me insane in the membrane haha. so saturday im going to halloween horror nights, im already scared out of my pants. but i think itll b a blast, they cant touch me or i can sue them... haha

has neone been to halloween horror nights?? if so tell me about it.. and r the rides open?

that b cool if someone answered those 2 q's... b/c right now im bringing 50 pairs of underwear, cuz i kno i will shyt in them...

thats all i have to say.

oo gurl, you need to cut back on dat food

another farewell notice...i love hurricane season... [24 Sep 2004|09:40pm]
summed up- bad week=randomn crying spells and im not on my period.

mrs kelly's step-dad passed away this tues. and i had to teach EVERY SINGLE CLASS that she holds at the studio except for technique, which wud be a laugh if i ever taught that shyt. im really glad amanda is there! i dont kno wat i wud do w/o her. i cant wait to hang out with her friends...lol. umm i really hate teaching girls older than me, they have really bad attitudes...

while we r on the subject of attitudes... i extremely hate bus drivers.. i reallllllyy do!... mine made me cry today b/c he is a jerk... i think ill call the bus depot and say hes an immagrint petifyle.

paint crew is funner then i thought. im glad i have em and liz and morgan(.. that i have to make more positive).

i absolutley love sims! he is and amazing teacher... he did wonders for my monologue, it was a real break through within 5 minutes... love that class too, im glad i have it everyday!

i think thats it for now... except..
"so long, farewell,
to you my friend.
goodbye, for now,
until we meet again"

be safe ya'll!
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[18 Sep 2004|01:36pm]
hey guys i have resorted to buddypic.com.... i kno, but i was bored. check it out yo!

go to buddypic.com
find "search users"
and type in krazyk289

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thanks kat for the ever lovely song lyric [15 Sep 2004|09:18pm]
"back to school.
back to school.
to prove to dad
that im not a fool" - billy madison

wow school really sucks... im glad we have rosh hashannah(?) tomorrow. sleep. eat. pokemon.(o yea tonite my mom said i was gaining weight, which is always wat i wanna here when im emotional and on my period.) neways i love the people in my sophmore class, i really do. (sry emotional moment.) but i do. i also love will and grace.

called florida stage today and left a message for audition on monday. im screwed b/c i dont even kno my first monologue, and i dont kno if im supposed to have another. o well.

my dad broke his leg in a motorbike accident. he lives in connecticut, so i wont c him till next month sometime. i really hate hospitals and the people that work there...

15 days until H. H. N.!!

krista "big butt, occurding to kat" kachich<3
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o hells yea jen sisoian is soo hott [10 Sep 2004|09:28pm]
My lj wedding by

65 times geez jen we r animals... thats ok in the middle of it ill throw a dead animal on you...hehe

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i love bruce jr. [07 Sep 2004|10:59pm]
hey ya'll im fine, just a few trees down and fences down... but i made it through.

is everyone ok???

oo gurl, you need to cut back on dat food

farewell notice [02 Sep 2004|02:14pm]
umm soo i guess i should say bye to yall, b/c im going to be blown away by frances b/c my house was built b4 andrew and cannot withhold shyt... so i guess i wont have a house for a while, the good thing is that im stayiong at bruces, with bruce jr... so ill b very happy, although i am extremely worried. i know i will b fine. yesterday and today im taking a good look around me, trying to remember things b4 francis hits, b/c unless it takes an unusual sharp turn for the better, i kno somethings r not going to b the same. but the purpose of this entry is to just let everyone kno, how much i love them, so i hope all of u will stay safe and protected, and the rest of u r screwed... jk
hope to c u soon!
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britany has the best baseball throw. [29 Aug 2004|08:52pm]
so my mom's surprise party was a blast! i love the people from kelly's, i really do... BB and i were talking and i was like, i could just have them at my 16th bday and i would b, still, extremely happy. kelly ended up coming with dustin and kevin, who is the best male dancer i have seen in forever. utterly amazing, i love the choreography he taught us. neways the most exciting part for my night was riding with bruce jr. on the atv, i can now say i am in love with him, i was loving the fact that i had to hold his waist, it was sooo much fun, but kinda scary... and his friend micheal is sooo sexy, but he was shy... but that doesnt matter. bb cc and i had some drinks, "sprite, sprite flavored orange..." lol. neways today was kind of a bummer, b/c i had all of my stupid homework to do... but i did have chinese which really helped. i watched sixteen candles, which is one of the faves, and now im sorta listening to the vmas... but i really am not impressed like i was when i was little, i guess it doesnt grow on you... but i guess thats it for now. i saw napoleon dynamite, i dont even kno wat to say... it was the funniest thing since hilary duff trying to act... no but i absolutely love that movie, its so vinnie ducy. but ttfn...
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[25 Aug 2004|09:37pm]
wow... its soo overwhelming, when someone u care about has a family member that has died. even though u didnt kno the family member, u kno ur friend, and its hard to realize, someone soo happy and full of life all the time, just lost a son or daughter. you really care for some one wen u have worked with them for three years, u cant just pass by them and say " o im soo sry" u really feel the need to help them along with life b/c i dont kno how many of you have lost someone in your life buts its very hard to recooperate. so in case ne of you dont kno by now, im collecting donations for mr. pinkney... its very intrigueing wen people that didnt even come from msoa donate, it shows that even with the jerks and assholes and selfish people out there, there r also those angels that u dont c often. i appreciate every donate that is being made. i am bringing a card that evryone who donates can sign, i need the donations by friday... if that doesnt work out for you, mrs. roberts said that is fine if u send a card to the school that she will give to him... thank you guys
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melancholy??... is that a snowboard trick? - Orin [21 Aug 2004|08:18pm]
so this week was interesting... i didnt get a callback, congrats to the few who did though!!! next time i dont get a call back im going to cry to all the teachers, b/c i thats wat crystal amd lydia did and the now have a callback... w/e i guess thats how it goes wen u have a teacher who doesnt kno a thing about theater... neways i had my tech audition with sands, who is soo cool now that i dont have him... thne after that i went to CP with jen sarah liz emily lauren n pj, and orin followed us around. i havent laughed as hard as i did at City Pizza in the longest time, and i dont think ive ever seen pj laugh that hard as long as ive known him. it was so much fun! i went home and packed my bag for liz's and went over her house...
today we did nothing but fuckn histpry h/w... it took us atleast 4 hours, thats fuckn nuts! so im glad we r done with that! we r gin to go c princess diaries 2 in like thirty min. But today was horrible, we got so iritated with the h/w that we started to gte pissy with each other... lol give me the white out?? go get it yourself! o liz i love you... neways im out

my new fave is 13 going on 30!!! matt is sooo hott!!
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yo quiero donnie darko [16 Aug 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | content ]

i really love school now, i just love how everyone is friends! it really rox thats for sure... so this weekend i went over brit's and we went to the mall with cc and jen and i got my green converses i have been looking for my whole life! we also went into brits new pool, that she loves alot... it was alot of fun
then sunday i went to cait's party and we went bowling and watched donnie darko! which is the best freckin movie!! b/c jake is in it!!! ahhh, but then everyone left except me ria nancy and jon and we decided to go to walmart and get tshirts and stencils, so we did. and they r soo co0l, and evryone liked them at school, b/c we made them and we're cool... yea thats bout it.... o yah i made mine different and they made fun off me... but guess wat different is soo much coooooler than the same!! sry to break it to u guys!... ok well im goin b/c i have to go do voice warm ups b/c i have dames at sea tryouts wed. and tomorrow im goin to msoa with jen and jacob and pickn out a scene for thespy's! exciting ehh??
joey scotten is an asshole b/c i think i shud b the captain of the bowling team, but he begs to differ.... pshh

oo gurl, you need to cut back on dat food

school [12 Aug 2004|08:06pm]
it has started...


1st - algebra 2 honors - dyslexic teacher
2nd - mus. theater - ames
3rd - acting 2 - sims
4th - english 2 honors - holimon
5th - ap world history - west
6th - spanish 2 - speedy gonzalez-kiley
7th - biology honors - psycho lady-little

surprisingly my fave class is ap world history, mr west is soo friggin awesome... i really like him

i also love mr sims, i havent really had mr ames yet but he seems sooo niice, and he did awesome with ragtime last year...

ok well im goin to call britany...

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i can do a one handed cart wheel again!! [04 Aug 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | curious ]

hey hey guys im in Ct. with Bri, and we r having a blast...

im really disappointed b/c i saw confessions of a teenage drama queen, and it was awful. really really terrible, n i was mad b/c we had to rent to it and we could have rented dumb and dumberer or sumthing... god damnit! o well, matt came over and watched it with us, quite a funny story, but i wont bore u...

okey dokey im goin...

oo gurl, you need to cut back on dat food

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